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To date, two types of products are available for sale, and with a world exclusive, on the Website : archeoastronomy softwares on the one hand, books related to Egyptology on the other hand:
point the archeoastronomy softwares have been designed within the framework of my PhD thesis in the field of Egyptian Archaeoastronomy. Since they combine various astrometry (relative to the positioning of the stars in the sky) and photometry (relative to the brightness of the observed star and the conditions of local visibility) algorithms, these softwares lead determine, with accuracy, The access to the user interface of the softwares is not free (between 7.50 and 35 euros). However, free softtests are available in the Client Area ;
point among the books relating to Egyptology, there are : These books present the distinction of having been written by researchers specialized in each discipline, of having been reviewed by a Reading Committee made up of referees, finally of having been published by a group of researchers gathered in an association: the Ankhu. This association, which was founded by Alain Anselin, founder of the old Egyptian language teaching at the University of the Antilles-Guyane, France, editor and publisher of the Cahiers Caribéens d'Egyptologie and of the journal i-Medjat, aims to produce and share the scientific and cultural knowledge.
Cahiers Caribeens d'Egyptologie
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