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Two ways of following the development of the Culture Diff' website are at your disposal : the real time follow-up through the @culturediff Twitter account and the classical delayed time mailing list (you will receive one or two mails per year only):

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* * Be sure that your e-mail address will not be given to any third parties. It will only be added to the Culture Diff' mailing list. By filling this form, you accept to be informed about the forthcoming updates of the Culture Diff' website. In accordance with the Law Data Protection, you can access, modify, change and delete everyone of these data from the Culture Diff' mailing list. To do so, simply e-mail Culture Diff'. Further details ...

** The subscription to the Culture Diff' tweets will allow you to be informed, every week, of the best of science news and of the publication of new photographs within the Exploration section, for example.