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Lone in the world ?

Lone in the world ?

This is not because
the daytime sky is bright
that it is the realm of a single God.

This is not because
the nighttime sky is dark
that it doesn't shine a thousand lights.

So far from Earth,
dispersed over a sphere,
these stars bathed in ether
appear to be especially
shining and neighboring.

Each of them taken separately
now stands out clearly
from its close environment -
unable to lighten the darkness,
alone to fill the apparent emptiness.

Then arises a glint on the line of sight !
Evidence for the presence of another
body of particularly high density.

A black body, a dark matter,
whose gravitational effect breaks
the isolation of the bright star.

Lone in the world ?

Information relating to this photography:

  • Photographic conditions : Fuji X-E2 + Lens XF 35mm F1.4 R + HOYA R72-ND1000 - F/1.4 - 1/6 sec - ISO 200
  • Processing tool of the photography : RAW file converter EX powered by Silkypix
  • Optimization of the display : 180 px/in + MozJPEG

Keywords : Infrared Sun, Toulouse, daytime sky, stars, night sky, ether, void, reflection, line of sight, black body, dark matter, gravitational lensing effect

ligne horizontale


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