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About Culture Diff' ...

About Culture Diff' ...

The company Culture Diff' was created in June 2000 with the aim of spreading scientific culture and promoting the results of fundamental research - in the field of Egyptian ArchaeoAstronomy in particular. At that time, I was preparing a doctoral dissertation on this theme located at the interface between exact sciences (Astronomy / Photometry) and human sciences (Archaeology / Egyptology).

By attributing to their edifices a particular astronomical orientation,
by decorating the ceiling of their monuments with celestial representations,
by covering their inner walls with texts refering to the surrounding Nature,
the ancient Egyptians have delivered their vision of the world and the beyond.
Assisted by modern (digital) tools, let's try to decipher their legacy to humanity ...


To this end, the site www.culturediff.org was created. The AstroEgypto section is the privileged witness of this period (1996 - 2008): it gathers all the research works realized and published during my PhD thesis and since then, as well as the unpublished archaeoastronomy softwares conceived in this framework. The list of conferences, shows, interviews, articles, books, etc. related to this theme is available in the Services section of the top menu (under Media Services).

Curiosity leads to exploration ...
Observation raises many questions ...
Since both the inert and the living leave traces of their past and present existence.
It is to observe a fraction of Sky, a portion of Earth, that the Exploration section invites you.
The Land of Oc' (southern France) will be the starting point of this trip towards other spaces, in other times ...


A hundred photographs taken in the Occitania region, southern France, constitute, since 2014, the privileged support of diffusion of the scientific culture, of our current knowledge of the Man and the surrounding Nature. They make up a wall of images accessible from the PhotoExploration section of the top menu. Click on one of these photographs and plunge, through various texts and poems, into the heart of a universe that is exotic, surprising, unexpected, and rich in information about human beings and their environment, in different historical, geological, and even astronomical eras! Click on one of these photographs and discover some of the most beautiful places - some of them unknown - of the Occitania region!

The encounter between art, science and new technologies (image processing)
has given rise to a new form of artistic expression: a language called PhotoGraphism.
This language combines several techniques borrowed from digital photography and graphic arts.
It offers a graphic reinterpretation of the real world, a renewed vision of the surrounding Nature.
The ensuing works of art, divided into two collections, are the result of this fresh perspective.

Smart AI

The collaboration with a graphic designer friend has given rise, in 2019 - 2020, to the emergence of a brand new form of expression: digital PhotoGraphism, as well as the creation of original works gathered in two collections named « Contours » and « Color Escape ». Because they combine various techniques borrowed from graphic arts and digital photography, each of these works offers a renewed vision of the surrounding nature - three-dimensional, animated and poetic at the same time, which we have been allowed to exhibit in various prestigious sites of the Occitanie region (castles, medieval towns and villages or classified as historical heritage). To discover without further delay in the PhotoExploration section!

Whether it is direct or reflected, emitted by a point source or extended,
light guides the steps of the photographer, directs the gaze of the astronomer.
It is to observe the effects of this natural or artificial light,
of its diurnal, seasonal or secular variations on our environment,
on our way of thinking, that this new cartographic adventure invites you ...


Our Earth is bathing in a dark universe although it is studded with many points of light: stars, planets, satellites and other small bodies of our solar system, distant galaxies. Our Earth itself reflects into space the heat stored during sunny days, as well as a lot of artificial light generated by the night lighting of our cities. This light pollution of anthropic origin upsets the balance of many ecosystems, and masks more and more the objects filling our night sky. Our relationship with the universe is disrupted, sometimes even annihilated - always further away from that of our ancestors of Antiquity. Through interactive 3D maps of the Sky and the Earth, the new section named Atlas of Light invites you to better understand the combined effects of these natural and artificial lights on our lives in particular, and life on Earth in general.

by Karine GADRE,
Culture Diff' company-head and founder,
Ph.D in Astronomy of the University of Toulouse, France.